• We offer Botox and fillers

Beauty Salon, Beauty Treatments Glasgow

Universal Contour Wrap

(ask about discounted treatments whilst in the wrap)

CACI Body Sculpting

Using ferradic pads "1 hour equivalent to 360 sit ups"

CACI Body Roller

(electro cellulite massager)

CACI Bust Treatment

RB500 Lymphatic Drainage
For tired legs and cellulite prevention


Aromatherapy full body massage
Aromatherapy (back neck and shoulder)
Swedish full body massage
Swedish (back neck and shoulder)


Full body HE SHI 30 mins
Half body HESHI 15 mins
Tan applied using tanning mitt, HESHI tan is odourless and no need to wash off straight away ( tan and go)

Permanent Hair Reduction

Ace tweezer method £1 per minute
Visualase hair removal £2 per minute

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