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Caci Facial Treatments in Glasgow

CACI gently helps tighten and tone sagging muscles whilst soothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The dual-tipped probes increase the effect on the muscle producing immediate and dramatic results.

The CACI (Computer Aided Cosmetology) is the result of 20 years research by the acknowledged pioneer of the microcurrent therapy, Dr Thomas Wing.

CACI was first brought out in the medical industry for victims of Bells Palsy and Strokes and it was found that when treating the affected side it actually lifted higher than the unaffected side.

CACI has attracted and unrivalled celebrity following, making it the most publicised and talked about treatment in the industry's history. CACI clients include famous faces from the world of show business, music, media and royalty.

CACI offers, for the first time, a viable alternative to surgery in an increasingly appearance conscious world.

You should see and feel results with the very first treatment.

From CACI International, the leaders in the microcurrent therapy comes a revolutionary new development, the CACI Electro-Cellulite Massager. For the best results combine your CACI treatment with regular exercise and a low fat diet. Remember always drink plenty of water. To maximise the effectiveness of your treatments use in conjunction with our specially formulated skin care range. Ask your therapist for full details.

Deep cleanse facial with CACI eyes. Double cleanse, exfoliate, CACI eye procedure, mask and deep moisture.
CACI non surgical facelift. Double cleanse, full CACI procedure, CACI micro life products infused into the skin for the deepest moisture.
Futur tec (CACI) Non abrasive and non invasive skin peeling healing system.
CACI body sculpting. Using Ferradic pads "1 hour equivalent to 360 sit ups"
CACI body roller (electro cellulite massager)
CACI bust treatment

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